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Hi guys!

Just a quick post to everyone who is interested in following my blogging experience. I’ve decided to be back writing, however, this time I’d like to have it more serious and that is why I created a new page.

You can follow my new posts here .

There’ll be my usual posts about everyday life, inspirations, dilemmas, etc. as well as (hopefully!) a cooking section, where I’d like to share some easy to make vegan/vegetarian recipes. 🙂

I hope to keep in touch with you there.

Have an amazing day, folks!


A Lesson on Tolerance

Some time ago I was really excited to attend one of the summer festivals in Iceland. I chose Secret Solstice, the one that takes place during summer solstice, which means the sun is on 72 hours with only minutes separating the sunsets from sunrises. Still being lucky with the sun, I could enjoy the shows of many great artists and with great company.

~ Loads of love to my dear Ladies! ❤ ~

Among many world-famous artists like Wu-Tang Clan (HI FIVE, an autograph and a pic!), Kelis, MØ, FKA Twigs (in total love with her!!!), GusGus (my Icelandic favorites), etc… there was this one band whose show I’ll remember till the end of my life.

Hercules and Love Affair


A bunch of strange-looking guys, LGBT friendly performing some dance music where you can feel those ’70s &’80s’ vibes were definitely the thing I was really looking forward to seeing.

Despite the songs are pretty easy and ear-catchy, more pop rather than alternative, still they have this “something” that make you feel unable to forget them. I was deeply moved by the message they tried to convey, though. They entered the stage wearing crazy costumes and make-ups. But it’s the way they are; shocking, wierd-looking, extravagant, sexual, provocative… yet sharing the simplest and at the same time the most beautiful idea:

“Be yourself/ Like there ain’t nobody”

(a fragment of their song)

followed by constant affirmations of love for everybody. Be yourself, don’t judge, let others be the way they want, tolerate and love yourself.

Simple, right?

Maybe my feelings wouldn’t be so intensive if I’d stood farther away from the stage (Warning: HEITT!) the guys on stage enjoyed themselves pretty much (almost stripping for the audience), the crowd in front of the stage grew bigger and bigger and went louder and louder, girls were screaming, sun was on, hearts beating on the screens.

Total craze! 😀


I’d still love the whole performance even if I’d been far away from the stage. It was so positive and hatred-free, full of love and understanding. AMAZING!

Can’t wait to see your show again.

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Reykjavik on a bike

Summer has finally arrived here but still there aren’t as many sunny days as one might expect. That’s Iceland. Luckily enough, most of sunny days happen usually on the weekends. Best option to plan some outdoor activities. So I’ve volunteered at The Color Run Iceland. Unfortunately no photos, there were a lot of things going on there and I didn’t have time to photograph anything, damn… it was much worth it. All the colours and people. It was great to be part of it and get so many positive vibes from the runners as well as from the staff. If you’re interested what it was like here in Iceland, I recommend checking up their Facebook with hundreds of photos and videos from the event. That was FUN!

The following weekend me and my friend decided to rent bikes, classy and stylish bikes straight from Kex Hostel and ride down the Reykjavik’s coastline to the lighthouse located in Seltjarnarnes. I visited the place last year during my first trip to Iceland however our plan to actually visit the lighthouse didn’t work out due to birds nesting. I wasn’t lucky this time either. The path was completely impassable because of a big tide. Third time lucky? 😉

The place is really relaxing and peaceful. Just the ocean and grassland surrounding it. Numerous tourists, but not so disturbing. It’s enough to walk couple of meters away from the lighthouse and one can experience undisturbed silence of Mother Nature. And the sound of waves. ZEN.

After chillaxing (oh I love this word!) for a while on a cosy bench with an elephant (or was it a dinosaur?) curved on it, we headed to the urban beach situated near the university campus. It was rather crowded. No wonder, the Icelanders take any opportunity to dip their toes in the ocean on a sunny day, or at least bathe in some hot tubs, clear blue skies above their heads. It was so nice putting my feet into the sand and for a moment teleport to those hot places where +30 is a norm… (it was +10 in Reykjavik that day). Cosy, cosy…

Oh and a super cool chill in various cafes downtown Reykjavik afterwards. It’s been a perfect day, indeed.

Catching up with my life

Hi you all!

I haven’t been here for a while, well a longer while… The summer has finally arrived in Reykjavik so I’m trying to benefit from every sunny moment I can get here (and there aren’t THAT many in Iceland). For this reason I decided to put my blog on hold for some time and catch up with my real life (and deal with it, too). There’s been many things going on whilst I was off here, both positive and negative. I had to come to terms with those negative ones and at the same time get as much as possible from the positive ones. Just to keep the right balance.

I must admit, it was quite hectic to stay sane and simply put up with all that, but I managed. And to be honest, I’ve been really surprised with my attitude and actions, I mean in a very positive way. I can’t believe how much my behaviour changed over the past year, maybe two (after my Russian adventure to be more precise).

I’ve become much much stronger, both mentally and physically. I devoted lots of time to fight my weaknesses and get as assertive as I can. Thanks to several good souls who helped me going through this process as well as regular yoga & meditation sessions, I managed to finally transform my thoughts into the positive ones and not let my mind rule my world. I feel much happier now and it feels so great taking pleasures in simple things and enjoying every moment of my life without anything holding me back. It was much worth all the effort to see myself the way I am now. And I am so damn proud I was able and didn’t give up half way through!

So since I’ve been meeting new people, getting inspired every day, seeing new places, coming back to the known ones, experiencing new things… I’m gonna recount the highlights from the past month. It’s gonna be worthwhile, I hope. 🙂

Stay in touch.


At & around Grindavík

Grindavík is a small fishing town at the Southern Peninsula at the southwest coast of Iceland, one of the few towns with a harbour at the coast. Most of the inhabitants; around 2,400 people work in the fishing industry. The Blue Lagoon, Grindavík’s most famous attraction, is located about 5 km away from the town. (from wikipedia.com)

It’s a lovely and picturesque place marked on the touristic route in Iceland. However, since I no longer consider myself a tourist here I must look for alternative reasons to visit some of the places. 😉

Therefore, me and the family decided to visit one restaurant there. It’s called Papa’s Restaurant and everyone who happens to pass by or stay over there should get some nice dinner there.


The range of dishes served varies and you can get basically whatever you wish for; vegetarian dishes also available, and a nice terrace in the summertime. 😉

IMGP0286 IMGP0288

We headed there only for one reason, though. PIZZA!


I love pizzas and I must admit that it’s been ages (or it’s been since I was in Naples) that I last ate such a good pizza. Felt almost like Italy. Almost probably because of the location. 😉 But nonetheless, the crust was thin and crispy, toppings fresh and tasty, just as I like it.


If you happen to drive by Grindavík and you feel like hungry, I totally recommend the place. You can also find it on TripAdvisor!

After such lovely food and with a nice weather accompanying us, we decided to have a drive around. The area is famous for lava fields and geothermal area with hot springs called Krýsuvík. The photos from this trip in my next post.

Stay tuned!


At the flea market

Flea markets are one of my favourites places to completely lose track of time. 🙂 I very much enjoy the versatility of things you can buy there, starting from antique furniture through no-use-at-all objects ending with some nice delicacies. You can just get everything you want, EVERYTHING!

It’s basically what you might expect at Reykjavik’s flea market, Kolaportið. It’s open on the weekends, mornings till 5 pm, but it’s better to go there quite early. It’s a nice attraction for travelers since you might get typical Icelandic woolen clothing like sweaters, hats, socks, well everything that keeps you warm during wintertime. 🙂

You can also try some Icelandic sweets, there’s quite a big range of typical products, also some herbal teas (I love them, really help me fall asleep when it’s still bright at midnight…). If you’re more into extreme adventures, you can buy there renowned, or rather notorious for its taste shark meat. There’s also an Asian shop with original products mostly from Thailand. I’ve recently bought awesome curry pastes there, recommend!

There are a lot of stalls with nice range of books, fiction and non-fiction. You can find there books about Icelandic history, arts, famous people, etc. Plus record stalls, great for music fans. And I think my favourite, postcard stall. ❤

A lot of things to explore, a lot of things to buy and a lot of things to enjoy. 🙂


Evening chill

Today is my lazy day. All day I’ve been chilling and relaxing, preparing some good food, chatting with my friends and catching up with the news.

I was very much delighted to find out that one of my favourite artists, Nicolas Jaar has just released his new EP. Can’t get better than that. 🙂

(I’ve posted some of his music in my previous post.)

I’m leaving you with a youtube link to this amazing music.

Perfect for Sunday chill with a glass of wine…