“Take me to the water”

Take me to the water, Let me watch the waves surfing on the azure skies, once more before I'm blind for colors. Let me hear the sound of the wind whistling in my ears, before I become deaf for words. Let me bathe in the blue covering every inch of my skin with the salty … Continue reading “Take me to the water”


Throwback Monday – back to RVK!

Facebook reminded me about a very nice anniversary today. It's been three years since I moved to Iceland. I spent there an amazing time, met great people and had unforgettable experiences. To celebrate this, I'm sharing with you a song of one of Icelandic bands, Retro Stefson. The video presents Reykjavik, the capital city where … Continue reading Throwback Monday – back to RVK!

“If I ever wanted to leave again”

I’ve been doing a little cleaning on my blog, leaving just the quality content. I came across this poem, I like it. It describes pretty well my person, full of doubts, but at the same time lays bare my deepest desires. Well, it’s not easy to be me. 😉

Hope you’ll like it, too!

Happy Sunday!

Stranger Than Paradise

If I ever wanted to leave again

Hold me tighter,

don’t you dare letting me go


In your arms

I found my safe ground

In your arms

there’s my comfort zone

I want to stay forever

You are the answer

to my fears and insecurities

Lost paradise I rediscovered

So if I ever wanted to leave

Hold me closer

and don’t you dare

letting me go


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Spring on the way!

I’m sharing my post from 3 years ago. Unfortunately, this year is not si kind when it comes to the weather. Mother Nature is still practicing our patience and asking to wait for spring a little bit more.
Let’s hope not so long, though!

3 years ago… It was the time when I was getting ready for my Iclandic adventure, my best choice in life. 🙂

For the time being, I will just enjoy the snowdrops in the picture.


Stranger Than Paradise

Seems like the weather outside is getting ready to welcome so much awaited spring. The air is warmer and the grass greener. Yesterday I spotted first snowdrops in the garden. Basking in the sun, they seemed to manifest they’re gonna fight back against winter and welcome the warmth and cosiness of spring.

Such a lovely picture after all those weeks with gloomy sunless skies, snow changing to rain and vice versa.


So it’s a good moment for me to finish my Lifetime Inspiration series. I was left with only 3 most important motivators in my life, however, the weather outside and life circumstances in general, well, it was quite intensive time with lots of unexpected turns… Not the best time for writing anything 😉

But now I’m gonna finish the series so if you’re interested or looking for some “trigger”, stay tuned!

Enjoy first spring days, folks.

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